Use following link to view the public online database of Sirius Blueprint drops.

Sadly, the public cannot edit the database anymore, due to continued problems caused by ill-natured players. Please write your BP drops in the Guestbook or notify a registered editor*. Thanks for understanding.

  Askone Solaria Kalgan Aeria
* Blodreina [Skaikru] * DronedroidMeau [.] * Ignatius [.] * Dragon King Onyx [The Untouchables]
* Death-Hunter * JimGR [Solar Guardians]    
* deadlyhunter2 [bad bad boys] * KING8888 [Insane Pilots Asylum]    
* dijar [Dark Brotherhood] * Kismet [Vanguard]    
* draconas_98 [Pirates Legacys]      
* dshadow82      
* EggyBoffer [Erased Space]      
* Exxon      
* JustaRavenPL [Death Watch]      
* KillerSoldier [pop up pirates]      
* Kratios74 [Eagles-At-War]      
* Lilterror      
* MagyaRock [Gezenguzok]      
* MrKitty [Independence]      
* MrMaD1909 [Dark Brotherhood]      
* n00b-K1ller [pop up pirates]      
* Roadblock [Bad Bad Boys]      
* SparkieV [Independence]      
* Syregon [Skaikru]      
* -The Shark- [Death Watch]      
* Thundergod      
* V1-Hyper [The Guardians]