Hi Prelude and Honda Fellows!

I can count myself lucky to possess a genuine J-Spec BB1 Prelude ;-)
Stock performance on its own is already addictive. Now fancy some additional mods, and FUN gets a new definition!

As a greenhorn my very first car had already been a EDM BB1. Unable to pull myself together my romance finished half a year later with snogging a lantern post :-(

  After 2 years self-imposed penance of driving a Corsa 1.0 Eco I believe I've become more self-controlled and got myself the full-blooded brother - a JDM BB1. My both BB1s have pampered me with their 4WS, making me smile when I see a short Civic HB struggling to get into parking space where I effortlessly manoeuvre into. ;-)

IMHO, the 4th Gen has always been the most beautiful car over any other generation. The smooth contours uniquely express racing with luxury. The shapes of the wide fenders have that sex appeal, its back embodies power, and at its low front the headlight design has been way ahead its time. But the marvel-factor definitely gets the unparalleled dash board design!
                    I AM LOVIN' IT!
But guys, I know, taste's debatable ;-)
Here now's my pride and current 'Lude:


Watch the legendary JUN
Super Lemon Prelude