About me

I am a Physicist who studied in Dresden (DE) as well as in Newcastle (GB).
After my studies I moved to U.K. to do my doctor degree in the field of organic transistors.
I am still researching in this field as a PostDoc.

Electronic and high voltage applications are among my interests.
At the beginning of my studies I was heavily involved in building Tesla Coils (TC).
Below pictures show an intermediate stage of my TC.
My most powerful setup is capable of producing up to 83 cm long sparks.

I wrote a software for easier TC calculation and design that can be downloaded for free.
TCC.zipto download TCC - Tesla Coil Calculations v3.1 (German)                

This hobby has since given way to my passion for Honda when I purchased my first Prelude VTEC.
Now, my spare time is mainly addressed to meticulous maintenance and modification of my current Prelude.

My greatest passion, however, is dedicated to the most adorable girl I know - my beloved Agusia.
We met in 2001 in Newcastle and since then have madly been in love. ;-)

Honda fellows, when you have got a girl you seriously love,
don't allow to forget who's the most important in your live.
However, that's an advice to any car maniac, anyway. ;-)