Manual1.pdf to download the 1993 Honda Prelude Factory Manual for USA & CAN [Models: BA8, BB1 and BB2] (37.8 MB)
Manual2.pdf to download the 1992 Honda Prelude Factory Manual for EDM, KQ, KT & KY [Models: BA8, BB2 and BB3] (52.1 MB)
BRB.pps to download the Big Red Button (BRB) Installation instruction (1.4 MB)
Color codes.xls
to download the Honda Colour Codes (23 kB)
Honda DTC.doc
to download the Honda Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) (120 kB)
Chassis codes
to view the ultimate Honda Chassis Codes list
to download the 93 Prelude's IAT Sensor response curve (48 kB)
Knock Sensor.jpg
to download the 93 Prelude's Knock Sensor response (207 kB)
CR.pps to download the calculation of altering the compression ratio via aftermarket head gasket (39 kB)
to download the principle of OBD-1 ECU-Datalogging via USB (287 kB)
Cam specs.pps
to download Honda stock & Crower Stage 2 camshaft specifications (53 kB)
to download a car battery charging guide macro spreadsheet (xx kB)
to download a Nitrous Oxide vapour pressure chart (286 kB)
to go to the Honda Prelude - 4th Generation web site