List of performed modifications

          Engine Mods
bullet Fully synthetic engine oil
Mobil1 SuperSyn™: 0W-40 Protection Formula (w)
                            15W-50 Motorsport Formula (s)
bullet Oil filter
K&N Performance Gold® #HP-1004
bullet Magnetic oil drain plug
Omni Power
bullet OBD1 ECU harness extension
Boomslang Fabrication
bullet Reprogrammed ECU Rom "P13-J01(E6)" 
Moates Burn2 with EEPROM 'SST 27SF512'
bullet ECU datalogging and 'Software Dyno' via USB data acquisition device
DATAQ #DI-148U with self-written software
bullet O2 wide-band sensor (Bosch LSU 4.2)
& data logging system

Zeitronix #ZT-2
bullet Optical RPM sensor with analogue output  
Compact Instruments #VLS-DA
bullet Piggy-back airflow converter (incl. VTEC controller)
A'PEXi AFC neo #401-A917
bullet Piggy-back fuel/ignition controller
AEM F/IC #30-1911
Piggy-back engine management system
GReddy e-Manage Ultimate #15500501
Stand-alone engine management system
AEM Series 2 P&P EMS #30-604

bullet Air Induction Kit with radiator foil insulation
INVO pipe #H-011PP & Ripspeed air filter #772756
bullet CAI, 10 cm duct (pre-filter & hydro-lock safe)
bullet Tubular T-304 SS 4-2-1 Exhaust manifold
Megan Racing #MR-SSH-HP92VT
bullet Generation II Copper exhaust insulating wrap
Thermo-Tec #11031 & #11152
bullet T-304 SS Catback System (2.5" pipe)
Tsudo N-1 Extreme #20-9307
bullet tapered throttle body, max. 66 mm [stock 62 mm]
bullet Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
OBX Racing
bullet High volume fuel rail (0.5" bore)
AEM #25-104B
bullet High volume fuel pump (255 lph)
Walbro #GSS315-400-967
bullet EGR valve blanked off
bullet Coolant-bypassed IAC Valve
bullet Coolant-bypassed Fast Idle Thermo Valve
bullet Adjustable IAT serial resistor
bullet Aluminium racing radiator
Koyo #R1979
bullet Silicone coolant hoses
Samco #TCS294/C
or OBX #RH15L
bullet Hi-pressure radiator cap 1.35 [stock 1.1 kg/cm2]
Spoon Sports #ALL-19045-000 (Type D)
bullet 68°C racing thermostat [stock 78°C]
Mugen Power
bullet 80°C fan switch (= ECT switch A) [stock 95°C]
Mugen Power
bullet Cooling Plate
Forbidden Motorsports
bullet Clutch Stage 2+ pressure plate with Stage 3 disc
(6-puck Carbon-Semi-Metallic)
SPEC #SH143H & #SHD143

bullet Lightweight alu flywheel, 3.8 kg [stock 8.6 kg]
bullet Shortened gearshift lever (by 4 cm)
bullet Underdrive crankshaft pulley (6061-T6 billet Al)
Unorthodox Racing Ultra S #020610402 replica
          Shorter P/S & ALT-A/C belts
          Roulunds ROFAN #4K1000
& #6K1000
bullet Removed A/C system [weighing ~10 kg]
          Shorter ALT belt
          Hutchinson #6PK870
bullet Adjustable camshaft sprockets (6061-T6 billet Al)  [37% lighter] In=-3° Ex=+3° 
Skunk2 #304-05-0220
bullet Camshaft Stage 2 - 3/4 Race
Crower #63422-2
bullet Degreeing cams (zero offset: In=+13° Ex=+11°)
self-made via 'duration at .050" lift' method
bullet Remote fast idle actuator 
bullet Triple O-ring billet camshaft seal
BLOX Racing #BXAC-00402-SI
bullet Dual valve springs (Cr-Si wire)
Skunk2 #311-05-0360
bullet Titanium retainers (Ti-17), 7.7g [stock 13.3 g]
Skunk2 #308-05-0300
bullet Viton valve stem seals (IN & EX)
Supertech #VS-H5.5E
bullet Bigger valve clearance: In: 0.007" & Ex: 0.009" 
bullet Extreme timing and balancer belts
GReddy #13554504 & #135545045
bullet Auto-to-manual timing belt tensioner conversion
H23A motor Honda parts
bullet JDM Type-S pistons (CR 11:1), hypereutectic alu alloy (ACA8) with teflon skirt, anodised crown
& full floating 9310 Ni-C-Steel wrist pins
Nippon Racing #13010-P5P-J00 STD

bullet Gas nitride N-51 treated piston rings, Nifflex
bullet 2-piece forged 4340 chromoly steel H-beam connecting rods with ARP2000 bolts
Eagle #ESP-CRS5630J3D
bullet MLS head gasket (0.030")
Cometic #C4255-030
bullet Head studs
ARP #208-4304
bullet Thermoshield intake manifold gasket
NextGear #TG-H22-001
bullet Intake & exhaust port matching
bullet Wet nitrous oxide system, 75 whp (15lb bottle)
NX Stage 1 All Import EFI #20923-15
bullet Dual vent nitrous purge system, LED illuminated
NOS Purge Kit #16030NOS &
LED cluster Kingbright #BL0102-14-34-F01

bullet Automatic bottle heater, pressure regulated
NX #15940
bullet Remote bottle valve opener
NX #11107
bullet Electronic TP activation switch (@ 90% WOT)
bullet RPM window switch (4-7 kRPM)
bullet IX Iridium spark plugs, 1 range colder
NGK #BKR7EIX-11 [NGK-6988]
bullet Spark plug wire (1/120 stock resistance)
MSD 8.5mm Superconductor Wire #32389
bullet Ignition coil
MSD Blaster SS Coil #8207
bullet Modified distributor cap
MSD #82921
bullet Ignition rotor
MSD #8092
bullet Ignition control
MSD Digital SCI+ #6350
bullet Advanced Ignition timing: (15) + 3° BTDC
During N2O injection: (15) + 3 - 2° BTDC
bullet Spark plugs intake aligned
bullet Super Grounding System 
A'PEXi #477-A903
bullet Car battery, Ca/Ag Techn. (52 Ah, 470 CCA) [13 kg]
VARTA Blue dynamic C22 #552 400 047
313 2
bullet Oil catch tank for PCV (baffeld & steel wool filling)
generic brand
bullet Front balance shaft oil seal retainer
Honda #06923-P0A-305
bullet Engine torque damper Alternative mounting position has been chosen.
generic brand
bullet Front & rear motor mount inserts, polyurethane
Energy Suspension #16.1103R
bullet Motor mount kit, polyurethane 75A (track)
Innovative #29650
bullet Braided hose kit
UrbanX #UXHK3
bullet "JDM Type-S" style valve cover
self-made with VHT Paint
bullet "HKS Ltd Edition" style oil filler cap, forged Al-2024
bullet Bonnet prop gas springs (2)
Trelleborg Airax #150-350N-563506

bullet Head unit
Sony X-plod CDX-F7500
bullet Vented bass reflex box [12 kg]
self-made (designed with WinISD Pro software)
bullet Amplifier: 900 W, 4 Ch
Ratho Terminator GX-9004
bullet Two subwoofers (á 10", 450W, 4W, 87dB, 20-2kHz)
Stealth AL-250
bullet 6.5" 3-way system (220 W)
Sony X-plod XS-V1630A
bullet 6.5" 2-compo system (280 W)
Alpine SXE-1750S

bullet Touch key 2-way immobiliser (Thatcham Cat 2)
Selca IM 3.22
bullet Alarm system with remote C/L (Thatcham Cat 1)
Omega R&D Freedom 200+2
bullet Dual-zone shock sensor
Omega R&D AU-84TM

bullet Front bumper "RS"
TSS-Tuning #FB-HO-0019
bullet Rear bumper "Invader"
Nippon-Tuning #NT-HO-H016
bullet Side skirts "Invader"
Nippon-Tuning #NT-HO-S017
bullet Carbon fiber hood "EVO7", dual reverse induction
Seibon #HD9296HDPR-EVO
bullet Carbon fiber sunroof
Aerodynamics #?
bullet Carbon fiber trunk lid
Seibon #TL9296HDPR
bullet Carbon-look sunroof
Carbon Fiber II Vinyl
bullet Carbon fiber spoiler
bullet GT-3D style carbon-look spoiler
UrbanX #SW004
bullet H.I.D. Xenon 8000K headlights (Lo beam)
Shenzhen Techone H4 Conversion Kit
bullet Platinum White 7500K (Hi beam)
Maruta bulbs H1
bullet Quad-LED front parking lights
bullet 1-piece projector headlights, black
DEPO #317-1137PXAS2
bullet 30-LED daytime running lights (2 x 147 cd, 50°)
self-made from 60 Nichia #NSPW510CS
bullet 15-LED front fog lights
Che Zhi Jing #TR-3012
bullet Clear front turn indicators & side markers
JDM Factory equipped
bullet Tinted headlight cover
G.T. Styling #GT0724S
bullet Tinted taillights
Foliatec Stoplight TintSpray black #2101
bullet LED tail & brake lights
bullet Tinted rear fog lights
Foliatec Stoplight TintSpray black #2101
bullet Tinted door windows (T=35%)
Trillogy Defender film light smoke #A132
bullet Tinted quarter windows (T=20%)
Trillogy Defender film dark smoke #A139
bullet Tinted rear windows (T=20%)
Trillogy Defender film dark smoke #A136
bullet Red painted brake callipers
bullet Tyre pen, white
Tyreart Products
bullet Matt black sprayed rims & center badge
Gorilla #SL-223
bullet Rim protectors, red
bullet Power folding door mirrors
JDM Factory equipped
bullet Windscreen decal "Powered by HONDA"
bullet Dual racing stripes (2 x 156 mm)
Avery Graphics 746 PF Grey Metallic #119567
bullet Disc diaphragm type horns (300/500Hz, 2x66W, 118dB(A)@2m)
Hella #Supertone horn kit 3AG 003 399-801
bullet Compressor air horns (530/680Hz, 216W,
Stebel #Nautilus Compact
bullet Various badges and decals

bullet Engine start button (aka: S2000 Big Red Button)
Honda #35881-S2A-911
bullet Digital voltage meter
SZjinbang #UP-5035 &
CONRAD kit #195308
bullet Digital RPM meter
Velleman kit #K2625
bullet Gear shift knob
Victor Evolution Universal #1.111.0???
bullet Handbrake handle 'Pitstop' Aluminium
MOMO #M15511501127
bullet Intake air & outside temperature LED-thermometer
self-made with CONRAD kit #192147
bullet A/F ratio meter, narrow-band (factory signal)
bullet A/F ratio gauge, wide-band
Zeitronix #ZR-1
bullet Throttle position meter
bullet Fuel consumption meter (l/100km)
bullet Fuel pump indicator
bullet VTEC engagement indicator
bullet EGR indicator
bullet Nitrous oxide arming indicator
bullet N2O bottle heater indicator
bullet N2O injection indicator
bullet Mechanical nitrous pressure gauge
Wizards of NOS #0131X
bullet N2O bottle volume display controller
NX #
bullet Steering wheel buttons for N2O & purge control
bullet Digital climate control
JDM factory equipped
bullet Digital trip & odometer
JDM factory equipped
bullet Cruise control system
JDM factory equipped
bullet Aluminium pedal set
EUFAB #17169
bullet Honda seat belt pads
bullet Safety Camera Detection System
Micro Fuzion #FZ3
bullet Digital speed/tacho meter and multi timer
R-Spec MIT350
bullet Shift light, LED cluster
bullet Triple pillar gauge pod
AutoGauge #AR-03B
bullet Single dash gauge pod
AutoGauge #MP-01B
bullet Oil pressure gauge, electric
AutoGauge #27027SWL-Bar
bullet Oil temperature gauge, electric
AutoGauge #27047SWL
bullet Vacuum/Boost gauge, mechanic
AutoGauge #27001SWL-Bar
bullet EGT gauge, electric
AutoGauge #AU-EGTSWL270
bullet ABC fire extinguisher
Delta Extinctors Mark 1kg
bullet Cockpit styling, brushed aluminium
Foliatec Carstyling Cockpit-DesignFilm #3111
bullet Sport Steering Wheel (black/carbon look, 300 mm)
JOM #3000-E
          Hub, modified
bullet Aluminium floor mats, 2.4 kg [stock 4.9 kg]

          Suspension, Brakes & Drivetrain
bullet 18" 7.5J Alloys (PCD: 4/114.3, ET: 42)
Axe AP16
bullet Tyres 225/35/ZR18
Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3
bullet Traction control system (TCS)
JDM Factory equipped
bullet Front upper strut tie-bar
Neuspeed #35.20.81
bullet Speed bleeder screws
Earl's #280028ERL
bullet Synthetic brake fluid
Castrol Response Super DOT4
bullet SS brake lines
Goodridge #KCB-294-388-4
bullet Hi Performance cross-drilled brake discs, front
Magnum #31174
bullet Ceramic/Kevlar®  fiber brake pads
EBC red stuff 388: #DP3872C (front)
                           #DP31193C (rear)
bullet Extended wheel studs, rear
ARP #100-7711
bullet Wheel spacers, rear axle 19+19 mm
bullet Trimmed rear wheel arch lips
bullet LSD + closer ratio gearbox [stock M2B4]
JDM Accord Type-R tranny: U2Q7
bullet Performance driveshafts (ChromeMoly bar, oversized tripod, heat-treated 1117 billet C.V.)
DSS Level 0:
#RA3901L0 (left)
                   #RA3902L0 (right)
bullet Automatic Torque Biasing Differential
Quaife #QDF5U
bullet Anti-roll/sway bar & end link bushings, polyurethane
Energy Suspension #16.5122
R (rear)
#16.5123R (front)
bullet Radius/Strut rod bushings, polyurethane
Energy Suspension #16.7103G
bullet Bump stops 45mm, rear axle
bullet Gas pressure shock absorbers, monotube
Bilstein B6-Sport #F4-B46-1675-H000 (rear)
                         #F4-B36-1678-H000 (front l)
                         #F4-B36-1679-H000 (front r)